Gladiatoren - Hjelm

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The first recorded account of a gladiatorial battle appears in 264 BCE during the First Punic Wars. This battle was held to honor the recently deceased Brutas Preta. Prisoners of war were forced to fight against each other as a payment to the dead.

This tradition quickly took hold among the Roman Elite as a funeral custom.As the custom grew in popularity amphitheaters were constructed to house the bloody competition. In 80 AD the greatest amphitheater the world would ever see was unveiled. This massive stone structure was called the Colosseum.

Despite popular belief it was preferable for gladiators to not fight to the death. These men were slaves, but were also quit valuable due to their years of training. Most gladiators were instructed to only inflict minor wounds to each other, and as a result lived long successful lives.

  • The helmet has been constructed from 18 Gauge Polished Steel.
  • The crest of the helmet has been welded to the top of the helm.
  • The Spikes have all been secured with bolts and can removed.
  • size: 58
  • Height: 33 cm, 11.5 "
  • weight: 1875 g
  • Material: 18 Gauge Polished Steel
  • Width: 20 cm, 8 "
  • Circumference: 75 cm, 25.12 "
  • This helmet is able to worn

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